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Welcome to this page, all about The Spartan City. This page will give you an overview of what goes in to a Spartan City, the different buildings that you can have, as well as some basic tips on building and growing your city.

City Buildings and Structures

Cory hall!


"Cottages provide a warm place for your slaves to live their lives and make sexy time. Upgrading your Cottages will increase your slave capacity, allowing you to accomlish more."

IMG 3778

A picture of a Cottage

Cottages are the buildings that increase your slave capacity. This means that you have more workers for all of your resource production facilities. Put simply, Cottages are important. The higher the level of the Cottage, the more slaves the Cottage holds. A new Cottage can be built every time the City Hall is upgraded.


"The Goldmine is where Gold, the universal currency, is collected and processed."
IMG 3784

The Goldmine

I wish I could mine Gold the way the Spartans do. The Goldmine is what allows you to produce gold, obviously. As the Goldmine is upgraded, its production rates increase, as well as the number of total slaves that can work there. Be sure to keep an eye on your Goldmine if you find yourself short on Gold.


"Farms provide food for the consumption of our people. Upgrading or constructing additional farms will increase food production."
IMG 3785

The Farm

Delicious Food. Food is essential for building and maintaining an Army. As will be the trend for all resource production buildings, as the Farm is upgraded, the production rate of Food is increased, and the total number of slaves that can work there increases as well. Always be sure to be producing food.


"The Saw Mill collects and processes wood, necessary fo the construction of
IMG 3787

The Sawmill


The Saw Mill provides the Wood resource for your City. Wood is essential to the creation and upgrading of all other buildings in the City, so it is very important. Again, as the Saw Mill is upgraded, more Wood is produced and more slaves can work there.

Stone Quarry

"The Stone Quarry collects and proceses stone, necessary for the construction of buildings."
IMG 3789

Stone Quarry

The Stone Quarry provides the Stone resource for you City (what a shocker). Stone is the other resource essential to the creation and upgrading of all other buildings in the City. Like Wood, this is very important. And now to reiterate it again, as the Stone Quarry is upgraded, the Stone production rates increase, as does the total number of slaves that can work there.

Food, Wood, and Stone Storage

These Storage Buildings are important. These are the buildings that, if you are ever attacked
IMG 3786

Wood Storage

, will protect a set amount of their specific resource. This is important because it will keep you from being farmed forever for resources. As you upgrade the Storage buildings, their Capacity and Protection Limit increase.


"The Academy is where we research new and better production Technologies. Upgrading allows you to engage in more complicated research."

The Academy is a building which allows you to research Technologies that will increase capabilities in your City. As you upgrade the Academy, you will unlock the ability to research a new Technology, and the possible max level of the Technologies will also increase. Technologies that you can research at the Academy are:

Gold Prospector - Increases the efficiency of Gold production.

Elite Lumberjack - Increases Wood production.
IMG 3780


Stone Worker - Increases your Stone production.

Power of Agriculture - Increases your Food production capabilities.

Brialliant Architect - Increases building construction speed.

Savvy Management - Increases resource protection limit.

Arms Center

"The Arms Center is where we conduct research to improve our battle efficacy."

The Arms Center is a building which allows you to research Technologies that will increase capabilities in your Army. As you upgrade the Arms Center, you will unlock the ability to research a new Technology, and the possible max level of the Technologies will also increase. Technologies that you can research at the Arms Center are:

Hawke Eye - Higher levels give you more detailed information when scouting.

Discipline - Increases training speed.
IMG 3790

Arms Center

Quick March - Increases marching speed.

Fortified Wall - Allows us to better defend our city from attackers.

Sword Master - Increases the power of sword-wielding units.

Sharpest Spear - Increases the power of spear-wielding units.

Heavy Axe - Increases the power of axe-wielding units.

Heavy Infantry - Increases the power of all infantry units.

Elite Marksman - Increases the power of all archer units.

Skilled Equestrian - Increases the powerof all cavalry units.


"The training and housing space for your soldiers. Upgrading the Barracks unlocks more powerful military units and reduce the training time."
IMG 3788


This description actually tells, for the most part, everything about the Barracks. This is where you can train Army troops. As the Barracks are leveled up, you can train more powerful troops., and training time per troop decreases. More about the troops and Army is discussed on the Army page.


"Defensive units are built at our city's wall and upgrading this structure allows us to build more powerful defenses. Each upgrading will increase the power of your defensive units by 3%."
IMG 3792

The Wall

As the description says, the Wall is the defensive barrier for your City. As you upgrade the Wall, you gain the ability to bulid stronger defenses, and their power will increase by 3%. Also, you can build Battering Rams at the Wall, which you can send with your army to destroy enemy defenses. More about defenses is discussed on the Army page.


"Buy or sell any resource you own, it's up to you, and it can all be done in the Market. Upgrading to a higher level maret allows you to trade more resources in a single day."
IMG 3783


The Market is an interesting building. It is used mostly for a quick fix, or if you have an overabundance of a resource or two. In the Market, you have the ability to trade Gold for resources, or resources for Gold. However, depending on the level of your Market, there is a limit to how much you can trade per day, and this limit increases with level.

IMG 3776

The Embassy


The Embassy is the building in which everything dealing with your Alliance happens. You can create or join an Alliance, view the members in the Alliance and their positions, the level of the Alliance Zeus statue, and more. This is a very important buliding, and necessary if you want to lead or join an Alliance.

Zeus Statue

"Zeus manages the Gods of Alliance Members. After level 4, you'll have to maintain Zeus' level to keep upgrading
IMG 3781

Zeus Statue

other Gods."

The Zeus Statue is something that you should build immediately after you either create or join an Alliance. You can contribute Faith to the alliance by Worshiping Zeus, which will in turn increase the alliance level, which brings benefits to the alliance such as an increase in the amount of members the alliance can have, etc. More about Zeus is discussed in the Gods page.


In the Temple, you can Worship and manage your Gods. Gods benefit your City and Army, so it is important to
IMG 3793

The Temple

pay attention to what you are able to do with Gods. More about Gods is discussed in the Gods page.

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