What's this about?

Welcome to this page, all about the Spartan Alliance. This will give you an overview of the Alliance system, including job descriptions of the different positions that are in an Alliance.

What is an Alliance?

In Spartan Wars, an Alliance is a group that you can join to gain mutual help and support. Many Alliances offer help with resources, attackers, and more. However, be aware that Alliances often do things to make other Alliances upset, which causes war to break out on the server. Know that, at one point, you will be asked to fight for the honor of your alliance.

How to Join an Alliance

Players join and Alliance through their Embassy available at level 5.  Once the Embassy is built players enter the building and have two options.

  1. Create:  This option allows you to create your own Alliance for world domination.  All you need is 500 of each resource a fancy name and an Introduction and you are on your way (Hopefully a few friends as well).
  2. Alliance List:  This option brings up a list of available alliances on your server.  To join choose the alliance that interests you and Apply.  The application is then sent to the Chancellor of your chosen Alliances and awaits confirmation, which you will receive in your in-game mailbox.

Congratulations you are now in an alliance.

Alliance Roles

There are four roles associate in each alliance


The Boss.  Has the ability to Promote, Accept Applications, and set Alliance Bookmarks

War Minister

Oversees day to day defense, and attack planning when required - Has the ability to view Alliance Combat Reports.

Finance Minister

Responsible for the financial well being of the alliance -  Has the ability to view Transport Reports of all Alliance Members, view resource information of all Alliance Members, and view the resource information of hostile alliance's richest players (Coordinates are auto added in the Finance Minister's bookmarks.



The every day grunt, not much to say aside from the fact that they are the backbone of any great Alliance


Leaving an Alliance

This question seems to come up very often.  To leave an Alliance enter the Embassy and click on the small gear icon at the top left of the Alliance Title Box.  This will bring up the option to Quit.