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You have been chosen...for the Spartan Wars!

"Surrounded by enemies, Spartans spent centuries honing their skills on the battlefield. From their very first steps, they were tirelessly trained to fight with strength and honor. And when spears were plunged into the hearts of their final enemies, the world was Spartan. But a world ruled by Spartans was just to be the beginning. Thus began the Spartan Wars."

Spartan Wars in a Nutshell

Spartan Wars is an MMO RTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy) game application created by the company Tap4Fun, who have also developed other games similar to it, such as Island Empire, Kings Empire, and Galaxy Empire. While playing this game, you will do your best to grow your city, strengthen your army, and expand your empire, all the while competing with thousands of other players to control the strongest Spartan Empire on the server.

The game is set in the time of the Spartans, and the game itself expresses this. In your city, you will build a number of buildings using the natural resources that you can gather. These resources are Gold, Food, Wood, and Stone. These are gathered by upgrading your resource production plants, the Gold Mine, Sawmill, Farm, and Quarry. Leveling these buildings up will allow you to gather more resources per hour. However, be sure to place slaves in these production buildings to actually do the work. In addition, you can build Barracks or a City Wall to train army troops, two different research buildings to enhance army or city performance, cottages to hold more slaves, and storage buildings to protect your resources. And who can forget the City Hall, the most important building that will raise the max levels that your other buildings can reach.

Another aspect of Spartan Wars, if you choose to engage in it, is the ability to join an Alliance. An Alliance is a coalition of players that decide to work together as a group for the benefit of them all. Members of an Alliance can send each other resources and/or troops. They also all engage in a war together against an enemy designated as hostile. There are different positions within an alliance and they all have different jobs and powers.

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Gods of Sparta

Game Updates

  • Log started on 11/28/2012. There were updates previous to this, but they were not logged.

11/28/2012: You must now be Level 7 before you can transport resources between cities, whether they belong to Alliance members or yourself.

Latest activity

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A picture of Zeus, King of the Gods, and patron of the Alliance.

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